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Where Rosemary Grows

Part 1 of the Sophie Sagas

After the embarrassment of being jilted at the altar, Sophie is desperate to get away from her failure of a life and decides to go on honeymoon alone to the Greek island of Kefalonia.

A disastrous start to her holiday results in a missed boat trip and a chance encounter with a widowed Greek fisherman, Nikolas. Exploring the hidden delights of this dreamy island, she encounter's its sad past and a near death experience that questions her perception of true love and happiness.

With her senses filled with the intoxicating scents, stimulating colours and hypnotic scenery, it is no wonder she falls in love with the history and culture of this Greek Paradise. But is that all that she falls in love with? 

Under The Jasmine Tree

Part 2 of the Sophie Sagas

Sophie navigates her way through the isolation and lull of winter on the magical Greek island of Ithaca. Experiencing her first sober Christmas in years, the humble village traditions and unexpected weather, she finally settles into her new life. Spending her time rejuvenating their neglected hillside home, surrounded by the heady scent of rosemary, thyme and jasmine, Sophie gets ready for the impending return of the love of her life, Nikolas, from the mainland.

An unexpected surprise leads them on a sailing adventure around Kefalonia and the uninhabited mystical islands of the Strofades. As they set sail for home, a freak summer storm sees them return with more than they had bargained for.

A Step in Thyme

Part 3 of the Sophie Sagas

After falling for her beauty and the sadness in her eyes, Christos ferries his silent passenger on his humble fishing boat, to the island of Ithaca. With nothing more than an overnight bag and, clutching at a small book as if her life depended on it, Rosie heads for Villa Elysian to locate a key that will unlock the mystery of her past.

The final in the Sophie Saga's, "A Step in Thyme" is an enthralling end to the love story of Sophie and Nikolas. Entwined with the nostalgia of its loveable characters, the book will have you in floods of tears and a yearning to escape back to the mystical shores of the beautiful islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca

Dragonfly Skies

Finding herself single for the first time at the age of forty nine, Lizzie decides to run away from her dreary life in the UK. Inviting her unlikely childhood friend's, Sam and Julie, they all book a last minute holiday to the Greek island of Kefalonia for their first ever holiday together. From the minute they arrive at the traditional, sleepy Greek fishing village, they cause chaos with the locals and other visitors.

 Follow them on their adventures around the island as they begin to find joy in the new phase of womanhood that they are all facing together...the menopausal years. After a week away in their new seductive surroundings, will they all return back to their old lives in the UK?

For Figs Sake

Happily single and content with her lot in life, Emily unexpectedly meets a charming handsome stranger at a private nightclub. After a whirlwind romance that thrusts her into his lavish lifestyle, living every girls dream and being treated like a princess she soon learns that not everything in life is as it seems. 

With her understanding of reality compromised after accepting a new job, how will Emily overcome her terrifying ordeal and escape the nightmare that she has found herself in. Does her hope of a happy ending really still exist on the mesmerising blue shores of the magical Greek island of Evia.

Into The Mystic

After inheriting an isolated fishermans cottage on the untamed shores of Pembrokeshire, Erin gives up her hectic city life in London for a more relaxed e​xistence by the sea. Surrounded by her childhood memories, Erin follows in her ancestors footsteps living from the wild food surrounding her new home.

Whilst sorting through Gee’s belongings, she uncovers a strange old leather bound book that unfolds a family secret steeped in ancient Welsh folklore and a deeply mystical past. As she investigates the contents of the strange book, she stumbles across the path of a mysterious man in the woodland, who takes her on a journey that is out of this world. She soon finds out that she is not defined by where she is from but by who she loves.

This book will take you on a mystical romantic journey through tales as old as time itself and leave you believing that anything is possible.

Coming in May....

Knots of Love

"Having received a friend request from a complete stranger, Emily is intrigued to find out how Panos knows about the current situation she has found herself in. After commenting on a post that reaches out to her heart, she learns that their connection was purely based on a case of mistaken identity. Even though they are complete strangers, they strike up an online friendship and bond over their similar experiences. Can this friendship blossom into anything more considering they are on opposite sides of the world?"

Pre-Order Paperback Only - Knots of Love

Marley The Street Cat 

Marley is a street cat that lives on the Greek island of Kefalonia.

He just wants a friend but no one will play with him as he is very dirty and covered in bugs. Follow Marley to see if he finds a playmate.

As Illustrated by Welsh Artist - Graham “Picasso” Griffiths

50% of the profit from the online sale of this book is donated and shared between the following animal rescue centres on behalf of the original Marley The Street Cat:

Kefalonia Stepping Stones Animal Rescue Centre

Animal Rescue Kefalonia (ARK)

Argos Animal Welfare Ithaca

Famagusta Cat Care Project

Marley The Street Cat